5:2 intermittent fasting

The 5:2 concept is a cleansing plan centered around the idea of intermittent fasting, where it is suggested you reduce your calorie intake on 2 days per week and resume normal, healthy clean eating the remaining 5 days. Fasting has been done for religious reasons for centuries, to no ill effect to the millions of people that do it, in fact it is a GREAT way to give your digestive system a complete break. Your body has to work very hard to break down food, so allowing your gut to rest for a period of time can really help improve your intestinal health and overall your energy levels.


THE JUICE WORKS has come up with a juice based solution for your 2 intermittent fasting days. 


How does it work?


You will have two ‘fasting’ days per week, each day consisting of 4 x 500ml juices and a daily shot, so the delivery will include 32 bottles and 8 shots.. Please note if your order is a shipment it will be shipped all at once (unless you specify otherwise). If you wish to have it shipped weekly there will be an extra shipping charge. 



Please notify us when ordering what 2 days of the week you wish to do your 5:2 programme and of any known allergens.