Let’s be honest, many of us take our health for granted. We are so busy with our hectic lives, with work and family that having health checks seems less important (I once delayed my smear test for over a year!!). Without a doubt everyone is more conscious nowadays about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition yet for some reason we tend to put health screening on the long finger. Since qualifying as a juice therapist, I have found so much joy in educating people, in helping them make small changes to improve their health and in spreading the ‘juice’ love. The ‘not so nice’ side of it is the calls and emails that I get far too often from clients who have just recently been diagnosed with a serious condition.

Is it genetics? Could it have been avoided? What caused it? …. The list of questions is endless and 5 years later I’m none the wiser. However, I do strongly believe in preventative measures, in making my body as strong as possible for whatever uncertainty the future holds ahead of me.

I always find the car/body analogy a powerful one to get people to understand what I mean by this: Imagine I told you today you could have any car in the world? ANY… no matter how expensive it is… I want you to visualise

it, pick the colour, the interior, the engine type… every single detail. Once you have a very clear picture in your head write it down. NOW, there is 1 condition with this car… this will be the ONLY car you will ever own… you won’t be able to trade it in for a newer model in a few years’ time, you won’t be able to change it… you have it for LIFE. Knowing this from the beginning, from the day you get your new car, will it make you look after it any differently? Will you service it regularly? Change the tyres when needed? Will you drive it more carefully? …. 9 out of 10 people always say YES!

Now apply this analogy to your body: ONE LIFE- ONE BODY… you can’t trade it in for a new model in January :), you have it for the same length of time you have in this planet., yet do you service it regularly? Or do you wait until a light flashes on your dashboard? Until a pain becomes unbearable?

We have the most amazing machine ever built: the human body. We put it through so much on a daily basis, yet our survival mechanism keeps us going. The cracks, the warning signs are there, but many of us choose to ignore them, choose to leave them until it is ‘too late’. So what I hope to bring with this series of blogs is a tiny bit of awareness and hopefully it will inspire some of you to make time for your check ups, FOR YOU!.

If you would like me to cover a topic in particular, please get in touch as I rather write up about subjects you are interested in: dental health, eye sight, smear/prostate checks, bloods, skin.

I look forward to hearing from you… but until then have a super day!

Yours in health Laura x

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